Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ten Things I Am Digging

Because I feel like covering a lot of ground today.

1. The Sea, Corinne Bailey Rae. This is officially my new temporary favorite cd ever. It's just such a perfect little entity. My favorite tracks are probably Closer, Like to Call it Beauty and Paris Nights/New York Mornings. Really though, this is a perfect album.

2. Burgers Deluxe. I doubt I need to explain to you what is so magical about crisp ice burg and squishy tomatoes, salty fries, juicy hamburger, the buttery bun, or how the whole thing kinda sits in a magical mixture of coleslaw and grease. Oh.

3. Marita and Krycek. Despite the X-Files being home to the most epic and wonderful couple in the entire realm of fiction, people never actually kiss on this show. Or get romantic in any way at all. So this display of affection caught me completely off-guard. Plus she calls him Alex. Too bad they ended before they even got started...

4. The Mating Season by PG Wodehouse. Bingo and Rosie have a bouncing baby? Who won a baby contest? Bertie has to be Gussie, so Gussie has to be Bertie so Jeeves can't be Jeeves because Uncle Charlie works for The Aunts? Catsmeat is engaged to Jeeves' niece? Madeline's favorite book is Winnie the Pooh? Oh, Wodehouse, you are a god.

5. Beluga Whales. Yup, I love animals. Which isn't a secret, I have more stuffed animals then I do postcards and half as many then I do books, which is saying a lot for me. And every month or so I get SUPER OBSESSED with a different one. I do have a plushie Beluga. It squeaks when you squish it. I squish it a lot.

6. Crown Braids. I've been looking at lots of pictures of these lately and being jealous because my hair won't even stay in a ponytail properly. Oh woe. My love for them started with American Girl... and Kirsten's cousin. But my hair just won't.

7. Charlie Jane Anders. I can't write well at all, but she's like my hero. She writes for io9 and does 5o other awesome things. And she loved Terminator:tscc. And she thinks that Smallville is good campy fun. And if you name a sci-fi tv show or book or movie or graphic novel I love... well, she probably loves it even more.

8. White Peach Oolong Tea. This stuff it so good, it's like a refreshing summer drink, but loaded with caffeine at the same time, so you get an energy kick while feeling all nice and relaxed. And it smells like heaven.

9. Deviant Art dress up games! Oh man, I am addicted! What better way to waste 4-5 hours of gleeful summer boredom then by playing dress-up! Like paper dolls only better! You can dress Lady Gaga, a goth chick, your very own dashing Regency hero, Helvetica characters or a steampunk warrior.

10. Disney. I've been having like some sort of extended Disney orgy or something. It's crazy, I can't stop scouring youtube for movie and ride clips, listening to soundtracks, remembering the distinct smells and airs of certain spots in Disney. And they closed the frelling Disney store, so how on earth am I supposed to get my fix I ask you!? It's a drug. I need help.

It's well after lunch, egging on to dinner time. And not one of the six people in my family, including myself, has washed a single dish. I love my family. We are the laziest, bummiest people on earth.

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Anonymous said...

Did you finish school yet? I CANT wait to be done! You make me completely jealous!
As of June 1st i will be done with LL and finals and as of June 13 i will be DONE with EVERYTHING (grad ceremony, grad/18th bday party, placement testing, etc). Then i have 23 days of NOTHING to do :D (not even work). I cant wait to sleep in and read books NONE school related.