Friday, May 28, 2010

Cold salads, bring on the heat.

Just not Dean Ornish ones. If you are not drooling by the end of this post, you have no soul.

Bean salad. I have a love-hate relationship with these, but the love part is always a little stronger. Depends on the beans mostly, I love pink beans, and white beans. Kidney beans are a big no-no.

Berry fruit salad. Berries are the best kind of fruit, they compliment each other wonderfully, and with a little sugar or cream... guuh.

Tomato mozzarella salad. My mom makes this, and it's really good. Nice and cold, which is the most important thing. And with lots of fresh basil.

Pasta salad. Our pasta salad pwns everyone else. It is the champion pasta salad. With scallions, cucumbers, broccoli, chopped chicken, the spinach pasta, lots of pepper...

German coleslaw. No mayo, just vinegar. Nice pure coleslaw. Best coleslaw I ever had? The Amish coleslaw we made at the Lefferts House fall festival. We were with the Villegas'. Or maybe it was the Hunter-Eldridges'. Or the Dooleys'?

Chicken and collard greens salad. Pasta and chicken and collard greens, cooked together, and chilled. It's amazing, with some Parmesan cheese on top.

Tropical fruit salad. After berries, tropical fruits are best. Starfruit, mango, papaya, heaven-sent melons. You know.

Cucumber onion salad. My two favorite veggies. Pity they are both about 99% water. But they taste soo good together!

I was all like, museum weather! But then I realized all the time and money and effort that goes into getting to a museum, and I decided loafing around the house watching Farscape is a whole lot easier and just as fun...

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