Friday, May 21, 2010

"Get thee to a nunnery."

Man, Convents are really pretty. I should get my self to one. So all these pictures were stolen from Flickr. No credit because I am lame, so sorry.

WHY FRINGE? I love our Olivia, she is stoic, heroic and willingly takes on the male role of "The One." She is quiet, thoughtful, and is not very open with her emotions. Other Olivia is just another badass, perky, sarcastic female cop character that you can find on basically every other show. And our Olivia is alone in a dark little cell till September. Peter better notice quick and go save her. Humph.
It smells too beautiful outside for me to be locked up doing school. God, the world is so messed up.


guitargirl said...

Those kind of places are cool, but I know of a haunted Monastery (Even though it's way older and uglier than any of those places) so I wouldn't want to live there. Also, I'm not Catholic. ;)

Ahah! Word verification is "Taser."

Sabe said...

Ahh, haunted? awesome! when I was little I thought it'd be the coolest thing ever to live at Mary Queen of Heaven, the local Convent.