Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Problem With Fringe.

This is not in the vein of my normal entries but I needed to put it somewhere and I'm not involved with Fringe fandom so...

I adore Fringe, I worship at its feet. But. The alternate universe should be waay off course from ours unless everyone procreates with the same people in both worlds. Like, at the same time. What if Other!Liv and her boyfriend Frank have a baby? There needs to be a second baby, so does that mean our Liv is automatically gonna find and fall for Frank in our world? If both worlds really are neatly lined up, Liv can't have any kids with Peter (theoretically). Because Other!Liv wouldn't have any Peter to have a baby with because there is no other Peter.
The concept, if two people from BOTH worlds both fall in love and have babies at the same time is really romantic and soul-matey, but it also seems highly improbable. But in anycase, Fringe has ruled out any chance of a Peter and Olivia kiddie. I know I am about five seasons ahead of myself here, but I'm looking to Mulder/Scully and John/Aeryn as examples. People have babies sometimes. Of course, this does not immediately unravel the whole show, there are probably rules regarding this we have yet to learn. But you can be sure that I will be looking for the inconsistencies. And at any rate, Peter will never be a daddy.

Unless. Unless of course this is the point, that Walter screwed up the equilibrium of the universes and now they're gonna unravel because of Peter. And if that's how it's gonna go, bring it on!

Thank you for your time.


Pixie Vixen said...

i had that EXACT same thought. good job!

Anonymous said...

sorry, i didnt even get past the picture of Josh Jackson.