Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Penelope Widmore Hume

Do you remember when I said that I wouldn't be doing a LOST post for a while? Um. I lied.

We, the viewers of LOST as a united whole, can agree on one character. Penny.

Faithful, constant, dependable Penny who keeps Desmond on the straight and narrow, who saved our Losties countless times, and who, we need to remember, stole out hearts in only 13 out of the 121 episodes of LOST.

Heck, she stole our hearts in her first few seconds on screen. Between her finding Desmond at the stadium in Live Together, Die Alone, to her first substantial appearance in Flashes Before Your Eyes, we had become emotionally invested in a character, and a couple, we knew nothing about essentially.

We just had faith that they were as wonderful as we assumed. Obviously, they were.

Despite the fact that we only ever saw Penny in the context of Desmond and her father, she was never a character at the expense of Desmond.

She was a real person, with a distinct character. Maybe Sonya Walger is just an amazing actress, or maybe the Lost writers saved all their best lines for her, but there is no doubt about it. Everyone loves and respects Penelope.

She and Des were the stars of what is universally know at the best kiss on LOST.

As well as the stars of what is universally known as the best freaking scene in all of LOST.

Plus she is one badass dead lady, with one sexy dead husband. JUST SAYING.

Sorry, but I just love her so much. School today, double up on German. The gym later hopefully. Or tomorrow. I'm lazy. X-Files tonight, or Mean Girls, not sure what we're getting from Netflix. Either way. It's been an indecisive morning.

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