Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer gets me in the mood for:

Just the very smell of the air in the summer gets you into the mood for certain things. Like, I don't even like summer. I like air conditioners and having time to watch tv and read a book a day; I hate the weather. But even the weather that makes me miserable is still just as poignant as weather that makes me happy.

Bean Salads. In the summer I never want to eat hot food or real food. So bean salads are where it's at. Actually, I'd be fine eating fruit salad and home made whipped cream all summer, but beans are considerably more healthy.

Pirates of the Caribbean. For those dark and dismal rainy summer days that look like November, despite being 70 degrees hotter. Romantic. Epic. Sweaty. Rainy. Dark. Piratey...

Makani. Because all that time you have to waste in the summer has to be used up somehow. And Makani is just prime, prime entertainment. Even if you have seen that one with Lucius and the latte about 50 times already...

Death Cab For Cutie. They are one of those bands I only can seriously listen to from like May-September. Weird I guess, but true. So I am getting my absolute fill of them before I go another winter without Ben Gibbard's angelic vocals.

Mint Ice Cream. Because in all honestly, for about two months out of the year, that is all I want to eat. Sadly, ice cream is packed with sugar, and my lactose intolerance means I can only have like a spoonful at a time. Woohoo.

Museums. Because they are cheap, good fun (and air conditioned) chilling in them is a long standing summer tradition. I plan to get the the Brooklyn or the Met about three times each this year. Maybe I'll make it up to the Cloisters too.

The Cranberries. I absolutely love this band. And they have so much music it's like I can always find a new song. Dolores O'Riordan, the main singer, has the most beautiful summery voice. Their music is just really romantic and comforting.

Woah, jealous much, Scully? Fowley still needs to die though. Also, Spender, Mulder and CSM: Awkward family. And today I took my standardized test, oh joy. I haven't had that much fun in years...

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guitargirl said...

Sugar Ray is one of my favorite summer bands; even though all their songs pretty much sound the same. Also, there are about two or three newsboys albums that I listened to quite a bit during my newsboys phase (which lasted about 5 years :P) that are really summer-y. I love summer-time music. :) Heck, I love summer-time period.
This was a neat idea for a post. I'll most likely steal it because I need to make a blog post soon.