Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's okay, stuff can get lost sometimes.

You know those props on tv shows that just really should have disappeared by the second episode at least? I mean honestly, I lose 200 page hardcover books daily, and I'm not a very careless person.

Sawyer's Letter. This is the most unrealistic of all. From they day he wrote it till the latter half of season 3, or about 25 years, Sawyer's hung on to that flimsy piece of paper. I carry a receipt in my purse for over a month and it falls apart! Blame it on tv land.

Winona. Maybe John just names all his pulse pistols Winona? Or did Aeryn take it from Dead John and give it to Other John and we just didn't see? Maybe Crais did, he seems like he would have.

Scully's Cross. I manage to break or lose a necklace after mere months. Scully has managed to hang on to it right up till today. It's survived abductions, kidnappings, weird travel destinations and being worn by Scully's alien spawn...

Psychic Paper. The Tardis can make new sonic screwdrivers, but can it make The Doctor new Psychic Paper? And speaking of Psychic Paper, did The Doctor lose it after all, because it's no where to be seen.

Drive Shaft Ring. There is no way on earth that three years later, after wind storms and the tide and torrential downpours that Charlie's ring was still sitting in the crib.

The X-Files last night was like the best things ever. "I was drugged!" Work today was boring. I need coffee but am just that lazy. (still listening to the Beatles.)

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Anonymous said...

This has to be one of the coolest posts ever! It so weird, but the other day I commented to Ryan wondering where IS he psychic paper?