Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seven Songs, And So Summer Begins

Every summer you need those songs. I'm taking stock now.

Then You Love Me, Lady Gaga. New Gaga song, thank the deity! It's uber catchy and so summery. I know this is just a demo, but it is getting me excited.

On Green Dolphin Street, Miles Davis. So it would seem that the only aspect of the Elizabeth Goudge book-turned-film is this jazzy standard. But it is lovely and summery.

Life and Death, Michael Giacchino. LOST's unofficial theme, and one of the most heartbreaking tunes ever. Goodbye Losties. We shall never meet again...

Sexyback, Corinne Bailey Rae. Best cover of all time! It's so classic and catchy and sexy, it makes me really happy.

OMG, Usher. I hope this is The Summer Song. It's so nice, and so much better then that annoying Ke$ha song and that even worse Hailey Williams song.

Expo '86, Death Cab for Cutie. Death Cab is always summery, but this song is especially so. And it's kinda upbeat, and I have a habit of only liking slow and lazy songs.

Somewhere Beyond the Sea, Robbie Williams. This song makes me think of so many good things. Finding Nemo, summer of 2007, Shannon and Sayid, totally. It never fails to make me a smiling ball of emotional goo.

We only have 82 X-File episodes left. Hold me. I had white peach oolong iced tea with a little sugar and lime juice. I love summer in theory... but then I find myself walking home from work in 90 degree weather, and I just want to DIE.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this Lady GaGa song! I will defiantly be buying this.