Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"And I looked into the heart of the island" Top 10.

Pilot and The End not withstanding, here are my ten favorite LOST episode. My personal favorites, not the funniest or the ten you need to watch to understand the show, but just ten stellar episodes I love. And let me just say, parring down 121 episodes into a list of ten was hard.

Outlaws. Season 1, Episode 16. Sawyer Centric.
It's not a mythos episode, but a character stand-alone. But I think that this was by far the best character centric episode they did. I find most of those early season episodes, the ones without mention of the smoke monster or the infamous "others" to be dull on repeat watching, but this one never loses it's impact. Sawyer gets to finally show his softer side. And it remains the only episode I've ever cried at.

Exodus. Season 1. Episode 23/24. Multi Centric.
This episode really began the whole like, Smoke Monster OMG thing. And we saw the Others for the first time ever. Even though now we know that the Others were really only the last survivors of the purge, mixed in with Richard's people... but. When they take Walt, it still sends chills up my spine.

?. Season 2. Episode 21. Eko Centric.
This was one of the most emotional LOST episodes ever. Libby and Ana Lucia die, Ben goes free, Eko finds the ?, which leads Locke to destroy the Swann. And even those of you who hated Kate and Sawyer, admit it, when they cry, you cry. It was a really tense, epic episode. And probably one of the most underrated.

Live Together, Die Alone. Season 2. Episode 23/24. Desmond Centric.
I feel like this is when LOST developed into the show we know and love. Even though in the end, Dharma isn't really that important, they did spend a lot of time in the Hatch and with Dharma.
And Desmond is important. I love how they had us on the hook with Desmond and Penny, right from the first second. Before we even knew why we loved them so much, we loved them.

Flashes Before Your Eyes. Season 3. Episode 8. Desmond Centric.
For me, this episode beat The Constant. It was just mind blowing when I first watched it. It really dived into something LOST had previously not shown us. It's probably my favorite Desmond episode, and holds some of my favorite Des and Penny scenes. Who knew, when we first met Eloise, how important she would turn out to be?

Man Behind the Curtain. Season 3. Episode 20. Ben Centric.
This episode gave me chills like no other. Just thinking about it, I remember how terrifying it was the first time. Also, it is one of the few episodes that has grown more relevant with time. Now looking back on it, we can really see where Jacob and MIB fit into it, and it's a little scary actually, thinking that Ben, unwittingly, followed the MIB for all those years. It's just a creepy, informative, well-paced episode.

Jughead. Season 5. Episode 3. Desmond Centric.
For once, with a Desmond episode, what really struck me was not what was going on with Des off-island, as much as what was going on with our Losties. Meeting young Eloise and Widmore, seeing the purpose of Locke's compass, it was just a really good episode. It wasn't mind blowing, but I think it is one of the few episodes that I literally have nothing bad to say about.

Ab Aeterno. Season 6. Episode 9. Richard Centric.
Richard is secretly everyone's favorite character. And this episode, for being one of the not-really-having-anything-to-do-with-the-main-characters episode, was brilliant. His romance with Isabella was really well done, and romance is something LOST can't seem to pull off, so that was nice. And we really got to see into the characters of Jacob and MIB, something we hadn't seen before. Plus: Hot men, half dressed, running around a beach.

Happily Ever After. Season 6. Episode 11. Desmond Centric.
Good lord, I have four Desmond episodes on this list? I guess Desmond is just that kickass. This episode really set up season 6 for us, which is kinda funny, considering it was the 11th episode. But as much as I love the Jacob storyline, what I've loved most this season is the alternate universe. And of course, if Des and Pen are in it, it is going to be heart-wrenchingly good.

What They Died For. Season 6. Episode 16. Multi Centric.
I'm going to take a massive leap here: Best episode of LOST ever. There, I say it. We got that tell-all fireside talk with Jacob that we've been dreaming about since season 3. It set up the series finale perfectly, and I'm so ready for it. Also of course, I'm slowly falling into insanity at the thought of a LOSTless world, but so be it. I always knew it would be Jack. It's always been Jack. And for some reason, I am totally okay with that.

Mom: "I hope at the end they don't suddenly pretend that Jate or Skate were soulmates all along."
Me: "But tv shows never really have soul mates..."
Mom: "Mulder and Scully?"
Me: "Oh yeah."
Mom: "John and Aeryn?"
Me: "Righttt..."
Mom: "Lois and Clark?"
Me: "Okay, never mind me."

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