Monday, May 3, 2010

Take my love, take my land.

Firefly. The pop culture phenomena. The Whedon television show that barely lasted a season, but gained the love and respect of basically everyone with it's death. I doubt the show would ever have been as popular if FOX hadn't axed it mid-season. But it was canceled, and in its wake a hundred brokenhearted fans told their friends to watch it and buy it and they campaigned till there was a movie and a graphic novel or two. Here are some high points of the show/movie.

Kaylee and Simon, the adorable not-too-angsty ship.

Zoe and Wash, the stable, happy, but tragic ship.

Fruity Oaty Bars are srs and show some respect!

River is crazy and adorable. But mostly crazy.

Zac Efron guest stars.

Jayne has a knit hat from his mother. And wears it proudly.

Serenity has a beautiful kitchen where they eat mostly protein mush, but sometimes strawberries.

It's the most believable genre show ever.

1. One month till the SAT so keep me in your prayers and sacrifice a math book or two in my name.
2. If you have any interest in either The X-Files or Farscape, this picspam is excellent.
3. Not having a car is hard because it means getting up at 4:45 and taking a bus to work in the rain.
4. I like numbering unrelated lists of random thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Firefly= the best show ever to air on TV.
Kaylee and Simon are amazing, River is NUTS!!! and I want jaynes hat.

Anonymous said...

And i have the LARGEST crush on Mal.

Melissa said...

YES Firefly. I love Kaylee and Simon!

Mal is great. I even know someone with a crush on Jayne...though I've been sworn to secrecy for all eternity.

Brittany Ann said...

I was just going to confess to my illicit crush on Jayne. Thanks

I want to go watch the entirety of Firefly again. That show is just completely made up of epic win.