Saturday, November 7, 2009

Back I Am: Raincoats

I'm a sucker for raincoats... which is weird, cause I've never owned one in the entire course of my life. But then again, maybe that's why.

This is a nice shade of blue.

This is very fancy and I do not know if I believe that it is a raincoat.

I enjoy this persons ensemble.

This child is rather adorable.

Perhaps I like this raincoat a lot.

The raincoat here is rather nice, but the boots are amazing.

Today sucked. Good night.


vintagegurl92 said...

I am sorry your day sucked. How is your family feeling?

Sabe said...

much better now! we don't have it, hannah and ben seem to be fine. really yesterday was just one long cleaning frenzy after you left... which i never enjoy very much. :)

vintagegurl92 said...

Awww, i had a great time despite the scare!