Friday, November 13, 2009

Some people can find bacon anywhere

My sister, Katie, came home from college yesterday, and started freaking out about this window in her school that smells like bacon. I, legitimately so, freaked out with her. The world seems to be going through a bacon craze as of late, which really, I'm okay with. (It's better then the penguin craze.) Humanity seems to have decided that really, you can wrap anything with bacon. There are bacon totes and bacon band-aids and bacon wallets. I'm ready for the invasion of bacon. If it's bacon that kills us all in 2012, I will die happy.

Behold the clever bacon tote.

I hope heaven looks like this.

I really find this very disgusting, but against my better judgment, I also find it beautiful.

Yup. Bacon thongs. They exist.

This is what you think it is. A turkey. Wrapped in bacon. Courtesy of This Is Why You're Fat.

I know someone who has this wallet. No lie.

That's enough bacon for the time being. But now I'm seriously craving some. Crap.
I am going to the gym today if it kills me.
If I don't punk out again.
And I wanna be an FBI agent??
I must be kidding myself.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

bacon=good stuff

But i can only eat a little bit at a time.
BTW- the lamp is DISGUSTING!!!