Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good. Fine.

Sonny and Chad, (still not) together at last. My favorite Disney ship. The Disney Channel has been pairing their characters up like there's no tomorrow, but Sonny and Chad just aren't there yet. Perhaps it's for the best, 'cause you need some UST to keep things interesting! And Sonny and Chad definitely are interesting.

My favorite part of the Sonny/Chad dynamic is that they are not afraid of playing, manipulating or taking total advantage of one another. It's what they do. Like Chuck and Blair for kids or something.

But Sonny at heart is still really nice, and they get along magnificently.

This is their fake date, which they go on to manipulate James Conroy into dating Sonny so she can dump him so that he will turn to Tawni so that she can dump him. These are the sort of schemes they play.

This right here my friends is a Slytherin/Hufflepuff relationship, which practically don't exist, Andromeda and Ted aside.

They are pretty epic all things considered.

And sometimes he does seriously sweet things for her too, like being Eric Doesntexistawitz.

Nevah change Disney channel!
And here is a video of their oh-so-witty catchphrases, it's low quality, but you get the gist.
Good night.

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