Thursday, November 19, 2009

Neck warmers

Scarves. My favorite part of winter. 'Cause my neck gets really cold. I feel like I blogged about scarves already... but I didn't actually. Anyway, I own three scarves. A decorative, not very warm, orange and pink checker scarf which was a birthday present from one of my best friends, a Slytherin scarf from Alivan's and a very large, thin black one which I can wrap around my neck like three times.

My friend Rachel has about ten scarves just like this. She went to India for a month last year and brought home handfuls of them.

I own this here sexy Slytherin scarf. It's my prized possession maybe.

Some scarves don't do a single thing, but look nice anyway.

I feel a little guilty sometimes for liking scarves so much, because they are such a pivotal part of hipster fashion and culture. Part of that whole, "we like looking cold and hungry because it makes us different" thing.

Some crazy person on Etsy claims this thing is a scarf. It's nice, but really, it's just a very fabricy necklace.

After looking for like five minutes, this was the only normal picture of a normal girl wearing a normal scarf I could find. When I saved it, it's title was "scarf2_normal."

Okay so. Fringe is on tonight, the Observer is back!
We still haven't watched Doctor Who and I'm going bonkers.
I miss The X-Files, but what else is new?
Aaron Stone continues to rock my world, but Tatiana is mad annoying, and Emma is cooler so there.
I refuse to watch V just in case.
My plan to watch all five seasons of LOST before January 20th is not going well. I'm only five episodes in. That gives me 98 episodes to watch in 62 days. Ha.

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Anonymous said...

LOST!!!! yeah! Cant wait!

I LOVE scarves (although i wear them only decoratively). Your slyth one is mad awesome! You wear your colors proudly!