Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Early Holiday Greetings!

No, it's never to early for holiday cheer. Never. Too. Early. All these clever little cards are from Etsy.

Hohoho and a merry Christmas to you too.
If you are wondering why I didn't say anything in the caption space it is because I am lazy.


Anonymous said...

You are one of those people who listens to christmas music all year long right???
I am like my dad and dont even consider the "holiday season" until after Thanksgiving.
But the cards are purdy (especially the second one)!

Sabe said...

Gurl! Christmas starts the weekend after Halloween. And yeah, Christmas music all year round. I am already in the Holiday Spirit. And even if you're one of those "christmas is only really christmas in december" people, A Fine Frenzy has an amazing Christmas ep out you might wanna listen to!