Monday, November 23, 2009

Circles, roundness, what you will.

Circles are my favorite shape, because they have no angles!! No seriously. Also because they are all like "Karma" and they remind me of time travel and also they are just very neat shapes.

Whatever the heck this is I like it.

Pretty glass jars.

Ooh scary moon. Werewolves beware. Seriously.

~Red Is Superior~

Cheerios are what America runs on or something. Them and coffee and beer.

Cowboy dude or something on a bale of hay or something.

Oh my two posts in one day what? Yeah, I'm just wild like that.


Anonymous said...

the first picture is the back of a clock.

Sabe said...

ewww, smarter then me person!!

Anonymous said...

You may bask in my intelligence.