Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fav Themes (i'm a sap)

Some wise person once said, "All of the greatest television couples have themes." That's not true, otherwise Sonny and Chad would have one. Also, because some of the best themes are for really lame couples. But on a strictly musical level, I present you with my favorite love themes.

Lois and Clark Oh my zod! (snark snark) Finally the epicest comic book couple have an epic theme! Thank you Smallville! Thank you!

Bella and Edward It is highly embarrassing that their theme got on this list I suppose, but it's one of the most beautiful scores I've ever heard. Despite their general lameness as a couple.

Kate and Sawyer It's almost ironic that Sawyer and Kate are the only couple on LOST to have scored (how punny) a love theme for themselves.

Doctor and Rose Their relationship was obviously doomed from the start, because he's a Time Lord, and how else could it be? But this song just kills me with sadness!

Will and Elizabeth Perhaps my all-time favorite score for a couple. Actually, maybe it's my all-time favorite score period. And some may disagree, but to me, they are worthy of it.

Anakin and Padme They are totally not deserving of this heavenly song, but good grief, it's just so heartbreaking you have no choice but to love it.

Carl and Ellie This was scored by the same guy who did Sawyer and Kate's theme, whoda guessed? But oh my gosh, it's just perfection.

Vesper and Bond This one is really simple, really slow, but just gorgeous and so fitting to their doomed love affair. Oh Vesper. Oh James.

Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione This is basically Harry and Herm commiserating over their failed attempts at love. It's tension and angst and very HBP, but it's all cool, cause you know it ends well.

Ta-da! So, t
here's about 15 minutes of total heartbreaking love here. Knock yourselves out and enjoy the sap.


Anonymous said...

Great choices...all except for the vampire weirdos :D

Sabe said...

but you have to admit, the song is beautiful!