Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lois and the Legion Ring (a pseuto-picspam)

Yay Smallville! (No one cares) I know! But I don't care what you care about! Really though this is an excuses to be sarcastic, which is just a bad excuses for wit. And no, this big ol' post won't make any sense if you haven't seen the episodes. Multiple timeliness are involved and much plot which I plan on not getting into here.
*Warning: This picspam is rated PG13 for intense
and attractive images of Callum Blue*

"Dude, Clark, we lost Lois."
Yeah Oliver, you never were very good at keeping track of her.

Meanwhile, in another part of town...

"Hack into her brain minion."
Lighten up Tess.

*Flash to the future which happened three weeks ago.*
"You will tell me everything about you like how you got here and other things."
Kandorian obviously like knowing stuff.

"Oh my Zod, help?"
Welcome to the future Lois. It's a dark place indeed.

"I'll help you. Dude, it's like, what I do. Let me enlighten you to our current situation."
Pull yourself together Clark.

Um... yeah.

*Flash to the present*
"Chloe where did you put her!?"
Question: Since when has Clark's mind not immediately jumped to Luthorcorp? It's like in Harry Potter when in every single book it just "has to be Snape and Malfoy because!"

"Blasphemy! I'm your bff Clark! And don't go saying you fired me from that position too. Btw, it was Tess."
Way to keep your cool.

*Flash to the future which happened three weeks ago.*
"I'm Zod. You may have heard of me. Sexy Kandorian with an out of place British accent? I'm your new dictator."
Oh Zod, you can steal my truffles and yell in my face anyday.

"Crap he stole the magic ring."
Course he did Lois, he's Zod!

"Rise Tess. Comrade and partner in crimes. "
Oh she's digging this.

"He likes me, he really does! Also now we can save the coral reefs!"
Seriously Tess, all this to save the fish?

"Thawk. Bam. Boom. Kapow. Battle noises."
Plot happens.

"Some one had to save the fishies."
Actually, this was really sad. So I'm not going to mock it.

"Cries for a long time."
Oliver, you should have loved her when you had the chance. She dumped you for Evil and now look what happened?

*Flash to the present*
"Dude, I DIE at the end of this story? Are you kidding me??!"
Repent now Mercy. Go back to Ollie before it's too late.

*Flash to the future which happened three weeks ago.*
"Impromptu Justice League meeting, 'kay Clark?"
Stop fighting kids, sheesh. And Oliver? Pouting was so last season.

"Oh my freakin' Zod, Lois, I love you."
Then they mack it out.

"Mutual I'm sure."
Avert your eyes young ones.

"Death is upon me."
They try to save the world, blah, blah, blah.

"Haha. I'm Zod, I'm still cooler then you. To prove it I'm going to drag you in circles."
Okay Zod, way to show off.

"Yo, Lois! I'm dying here! Do something!"
She does.

*Flash to the present*
"Scientific nonsense"
Just stop talking Emil. They don't understand you.

"Tra la, you're kinda cute."
Fact: Lois Lane really likes donuts.

"Wow I had my mind wiped and I'm going steady, all in one day!"
Only this will never work.

"I predict dark things in our future. Like death. Mayhem."
That Chole is sharp as a tack.

"Zod! Zod! Zod! Now shut up and bow!"
Oh, Callum Blue, never change.

Lol omg this is even longer then the last one I have NO self control.
Also please excuse crappy screencaps.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your crappy screencaps! They made me laugh (and i know NOTHING about the show!)!

Sabe said...

awww, thanks! it makes me happy to think that someone found this amusing!