Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lost is losing me, I need to find it.

We are still stuck in a rut with the X-Files. No new episodes until Katie's school break. I doubt I need to reiterate how much I miss having Sculder and Mully on my television. Something needs to fill the hole in my heart. So I have gone back to my first television love. LOST. This last season it sort of lost something. Or maybe I just lost my passion for it. But all my qualms with it aside, I love the show, and the fact that this is the last season ever is scaring me.
"It's fun to speculate, especially as this is the last time this audience will ever get to speculate on anything LOST. Has the last-ness of this hiatus begun to sink in for everyone? What will we all do without the speculating? LOST has created an entire subculture of speculating nomads doomed to wander the cyberverse without another show that will ever be this fun to speculate on again." -Fishbiscuit
So I'm going back to the beginning. Taking notes on the characters, the themes, like the good little fangirl I am. The answers are there somewhere. Maybe I can find them. Now I present, my helter-skelter LOST tribute.

Smoky is really awesome. I have some fun working theories on it.

I love polar bears. And snow globes. And Green Lantern comics in Spanish.

French people can be creepy when they have Eastern European accents.

So are giant slave ships with con men inside.

Jacob is a weird dude, who has a list. Kate isn't on the list, cause that chick, well. She's flawed.

Sawyer and Kate may not be the end game, they might suck as a couple, everyone may hate them. But come on. They iz hawt.

Can I say that it makes me sad that Alvar Hanso and the DI really aren't as mysterious or special as we once thought? I mean, it was just some stupid hippies after all.

So really this show is about rich old white men. Who knew.

LOST has a heck of a lot of kids on it compared to other shows. Not that anything ever comes from these so-called "special" kids.

Peace out. This show is giving me a headache.

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Anonymous said...

Lost rules.