Thursday, November 12, 2009


You know that song by Owl City? How did it get so famous? Like two months ago Owl City was just another unknown indie band... Anyway, fireflies are very exciting things.

I'd love to make a whole bunch of these, and hang them all over my garden. When I get a garden that is.

Bug jewelry is always awesome.

I wish they made such amazing fairy-butterfly-lightening bug-magical-extravaganza dresses for teens and adults. Sigh.

Poor little firefly.

OMG I WANT THIS OKAY THANK YOU. If you love me you will buy it for me.

This is a really pretty poster. I'd be a fun thing to hand in a bathroom. I enjoy decorating bathrooms in my head.

That is it. Tonight I plan on making a chocolate oatmeal cake. Horray! My finger still hurts from that work-related incident with the knife. I wonder what having your arm gouged open feels like. I am a wimp. Good bye.


Anonymous said...

what happened to your fingers?

Fireflies are amazing!

Sabe said...

i sliced my pointer finger on my right hand while cutting bread. it was so embarrassing, i was trying to sell stuff, but my finger would NOT STOP BLEEDING for like 10 minutes. I felt like a vampire, i kept sucking at my finger.

Anonymous said...

lol, maybe you ARE a vampire!

that happened to me when i was little. i still have the scar!