Sunday, August 30, 2009

Life, I ownz it

Oh yes. Life season 2, I am the proud owner of it! You must watch it too! Do not let appearances device you. This is not just any other crime show. Also because 1+1=1, and that word is love! (Avoid this post if you dislike walking spoiler machines, one of which I am.)

This is Charlie Crew. He was a cop, who went to prison for 12 years for a crime he didn't commit. When he got out a lot of stuff was different. Like, there were cell phones. And Twitter. And automatic soap dispensers. Also his wife had left him and remarried. Charlie deals with all this by being Zen. And eating lots of organic fruit, which Reese keeps telling him will kill him. Charlie is also cooler then Chuck Norris.

This is Dani Reese. Her dad is pretty evil, but she'd prefer not to know about that. She used to be an alcoholic, she generally dislikes people, and she is very unfamiliar with being happy for no reason. She's Charlie's partner, and although 94% is what he says annoys her, she likes working with him, cause he's a good cop. She seems to also eat lots of chocolate. I don't get it.

This is Tidwell, the captain. He's from New York, he's been married like 5 times, and divorced just as many. He doesn't really understand Charlie, but is good at going with the flow. He and Reese have sort of a relationship during the second season that seems to go nowhere for obvious reasons. He thinks LA is crazy, and is always saying things that make Reese and Crews look at each other in a confused manner.

This is Agent Bodner. He's an FBI agent, who starts of as a bad guy, and ends up as an friend. He married his partner, has a mini-van and generally dislikes the LAPD. (That's okay Bodner, they generally dislike you too.)

This is Ted Early. Ted has also been in jail, he is Charlie's friend and he manages Charlie's 50+ Million Dollars. Ted is a little crazy. He's afraid of everything and doesn't like people. His wife also divorced him while he was in jail, and doesn't talk to him anymore, because Ted is not like Charlie. Ted actually committed the crime. Ted is also in love with Olivia, the woman who was engaged to Charlie's dad. He goes to Spain to find her.

This is Rayborn. He is pretty awesome because he faked his own death and also because he has a really nice boat. But he's bad too. Don't forget that.

This is Roman. Roman is one of the best bad guys ever, and the actor is like a genius. (He also played three characters on Terminator: TSSC, which suffered the same fate.) Roman is jealous of Charlie and thinks he owns LA. He doesn't though. He thinks he can get away with kidnapping Dani and Charlie. He can't though.

This is Rachel Seybolt. She's really sad all the time, and has reason for it because her whole family is dead. In the end though you don't really know what happens to her. I'm assuming she's alive. I think that she continues to live with Charlie and Ted and maybe goes to college and becomes friends with Dani. And I also think she should become an inspirational post-modern artist who heals people through her art. That would be good.

There are lots of wacky cases too of course. Because this is a crime drama. Crews and Reese always end up in confusing and awkward situations. Like the one in the picture above.

As you can see, this post totally got away from me. I'll leave you with this. It's an amazing show, watch it. And here are links to three beautiful songs composed by a girl who loves Life. Not only is there fanart and fanfic, but now there is fanmusic!



And When There's No Sun


Anonymous said...

it seems like a good show.. But it is like every other crime show, with its own twist of course! Still, the actors look great and i like the way you summarized all of it!

Sabe said...

Do not let appearances deceive you. This is not just any other crime drama.