Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Big Happy Disney Family

These children fill my life with such joy.

Tisdale and Miley!

I wish I knew where this photo came from. And I also wish I knew whether those rumors that Brenda and Joe dated are true or not.

Selena and David! My favorites!

On the set of HM...

Debbie Ryan and Jennifer Stone at her 16th birthday party. (Thankgoodness all these chillins have Twitters...)

Selena and Jennifer wearing matching shirts.

Demi and Tiffany on the SwaC set!

I find their friendship so adorable.

Best picture ever? I mean, Gaston looks like he wants to die, Taylor is like a foot taller then everyone else, and for some reason Miley is in sweats.

Selena and David at NY Fashion Week. Her cuteness knows no end.

In other news the WoWP movie rocked. Best DCOM so far this year definitely. (I can see Meagan rolling her eyes as she reads this. Sorry, I can't help it. Disney has eaten my brain.)

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Anonymous said...

I have to say, i like Selena. She is very classy and not trashy at all, she also has a half way decent voice! But alas, i like none of the others.