Sunday, August 23, 2009

Five Hits and a Miss: Wardrobe

Sooo today I discovered Looklet while at my bff's house for the weekend! I find creating new outfits enjoyable, but whats even more fun then that is creating outfits that fit different characters from books, movies and tv shows. So is one outfit for all the female characters mentioned in my previous entry. I used appropriate backgrounds as well.

Olivia Dunham

Chloe Sullivan

Dana Scully

Dani Reese

Olive Snook

Kate Austen

P.S. Click them to see them bigger and prettier! Bigger and prettier is always good. G'night folks!


Anonymous said...

i love being you BFF! good job on the looks, but i dont see Kate(lol)!

Sabe said...

it was ugly and borinnng! but acually, i'll post it anyway.

donna o said...

It's like you are boasting in you height :0). Short people cannot wear ANY of those garments. BOO HOO :0)!

Sabe said...

I added Kate. I wanted to give her a gun... the hammer was the next best thing!