Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If I Had Only ONE Outfit

So on Facebook there is this LivingSocial application, which like everyone has. It has these random questions, and you pick five answers. Like, pick 5 people to fight off a zombie invasion of America. (Doctor/Rose, John Locke, Mulder/Scully, Clark Kent, Catherine Weaver) Or pick 5 things you can't leave the house without. (My cellphone, ten dollars, my keys, chap stick and a pocket mirror) So it challenged me to pick one outfit made up of five pieces that I could wear everyday. Undergarments don't count. But if you were wondering, it would be Hane's Hipster size 16 (kids 16, not adults, lol) and a beige Victoria's Secret Bio-Fit size 36C.

Dress pants. I find them a lot more comfy then jeans, which I hate. And skirts are too finicky.

A white v-neck. Plain, comfortable, flattering. An obvious choice.

A black cashmere cardigan. I love these, they are just as comfy as sweatshirts, and prettier.

Lowtop Converse. Easy going, good for walking, not ugly.

A silver bracelet on my left wrist. I got a charm bracelet for my like, 12th birthday. I hardly ever wore it. One day, almost 6 months ago I took the charms off and put on the bracelet. I haven't taken it off yet.

I have one seriously boring fashion sense, but I like it.
I have this problem with color. I just don't like wearing it. In my art, in my decor style, in my food even, color is imperative, but I just don't like it in fashion. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Darling you should make it clear that you are a size 16 in CHILDREN'S. because you are just that skinny. lol.

Sabe said...


Thats right. I wear kiddie underpantz!

Anonymous said...

lol! I think you have a great sense of style! you picked very sensible pieces that never really go out of style.

Heidi Watts said...

you are weird and have a very ugly style.