Monday, July 6, 2009

Our X-Files Endeavor

My mom watched the X-Files when I was little. I was really young and wasn't allowed to watch, but sometimes did anyway. So this summer my sister and I, having a lot of time to waste and not much to do, decided to try and watching the X-Files. Nine seasons, two movies. 201 episodes. Frightening? Yes. But we started about two weeks ago, and are already half way through the first season.

The best part is obviously Foxy Smulder... I mean, Fox Mulder. He is a friendless, loveless, workaholic loser, which is obviously why I love him.

The other best part is obviously Scully. She is short and smart and sarcastic. And also a bit of a workaholic loser. Which is why I obviously love her.

Then there is obviously the fact that they look so pretty together. You know, this never hurts.

And then there is that thing called plot, which is also obviously awesome. Cause it has aliens. And old white men plotting the demise of the universe as we know it.

Don't worry, I'll let you know in a year or so when we're done!


Donna O'. said...

You can get through this easy :0). We did all 3 years of Lost is like 6 weeks! It was crazy! We were DREAMING of Lost! I am not an XF fan, but the few episodes I did see were cool! Do you all get the Sci-Fi channel? A new series starts tomorrow at 9---Warehouse13---looks cool and since we are practically SHOWLESS for the summer :0), may prove to be a worthwhile effort:0).

Anonymous said...

AWESOME BLOG!!!!! im so glad you started one and i will follow it daily!