Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fanart, I've missed you

Whenever I love something new I go straight to DeviantArt and search for fanart. I haven't had anything new to search for a long time though, and there are only so many Doctor Who and Harry Potter artists out there. So when I realize that I was sort of in love with Mulder and Scully, I ran straight to the source. This is what I found.

This one is awesome, clearly. Poor Scully. The artist named it, "We Developed a Good System." (TheCrowchan)

I love this one because you can totally tell it's Mulder and Scully, just by their backs. It's called "Anywhere With You." (tangerine-skies)

The Lone Gunmen, Cancer Man, random alien in a jar, the fluke monster... and some things I don't recognize yet! (renton1313)

Backstory time! I have an alien key chain that I won at a Chuck E. Cheese type place a little over a year ago and I named it Mulder's Alien, which seemed very appropriate. Now look closely at the drawing. MULDER HAS AN ALIEN KEYCHAIN OF HIS OWN. Perhaps he named it Sabe. (MysticRobin)

Look out! They mean serious business people! (The-batcomputer)

This one was done with watercolors on card stock. How do artists do it? I wish I understood. (Alix1981)

The artist named this one, "Roles of Mulder and Scully." She had a point. (Tatriana)

This one uploaded tiny, but click on it to see it bigger. It has some beautiful detail. Notice Scully's little necklace. (wheresmytea)

They are so cute together, it just kills me. I'll leave you alone now.

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