Monday, July 6, 2009

Clothing is pretty, however unnecessary

Everyone has their own personal style. I'm actually not much of a fashionista, which, as a teen age girl, is rare. My neutral state regarding fashion is actually rooted in a hatred of spending money on clothes more then in a dislike for the industry in general. But even so, I do try to at least have one style to stick to, I definitely believe in knowing how you like to dress and sticking to it. I definitely also believe in only ever buying items of clothes that match everything else you own.
My personal style just so happens to make me look
something like a thirty year old business woman. Which doesn't bother me at all, although it's slightly strange considering I'm only 16. But there are worse styles to channel. Here are a few pictures which sort of sum up my fashion preferences!

Almost everything that Tess Mercer wears on Smallville I covet, but this coat is one of my favorites.

Usually's sense of style is to cutesy for me, but this is beautiful.

I'm all for plain shoes like these, I don't believe in colorful footwear.

I don't usually like lots of color, but red is an exception. And of course, pencil line skirts are timeless.

It's a pity I couldn't find a better picture of Eva Green's dress, but I love it. Then again everything Eva (and Vesper) wears is perfect.

Everyone should have a nice, simple dress like this.

I'm not a huge fan of jeans.. not that they're too casual, I just find dress pants and skirts way more comfortable.

The perfectness of Josh Jackson aside, that dress is pretty perfect too.

Most of Dani's clothes on Life are very plain, but I love this leather jacket, which she wears almost every day.

So I just love this outfit all together... the shoes, the belt... it's all gorgeous.

Well, I'm off!


Donna O' said...

Very classic and chic!<3 I am so in love with the gray tights---I saw them all over the "runway" and a designer I LOVE had them on all her models--Lela Rose. I think I may need to sell one of my children this fall in order to obtain a much needed trench coat!

Anonymous said...

not to mention you look amazing in all those pieces. Very FBI inspired.

Sabe said...

aww, thanks! meagan, update your blog i demand it!!!