Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Guilty Pleasure Series Part 1: iCarly

iCarly might actually be better then half the shows on Disney, but I still view it as a guilty pleasure, while I'm unashamed of my love for the Disney Channel. I think this is because I really can't stand any of the other shows on Nick. Drake and Josh? I think I'll pass. Fairly Odd Parents? Oh Heavens No. But something about iCarly... maybe it's the infectious ship of Sam and Freddie. Maybe it's Spencer's lovable sculptures and even more lovable personality. Or maybe it's because iCarly is the only show ever to have random dancing, fat cakes, Canadian bacon and dog food fights in bikinis.

This is Sam and Carly. They're best friends.

They do a webshow every week called... iCarly.

This is Freddie Benson. The technical producer for iCarly.

This is the iCarly OTP, Sam and Freddie. They're secretly friends, but usually they just yell and inflict physical pain onto each other.

So most of the time they look like this.

This is Spencer, Carly's older brother and guardian. Like in most preteen sitcoms, Carly has random parents missing for random reasons. But Spencer is pretty cool, so it's okay. He is an artist, went to law school for two days and has a best friend names Socko.

And there is this place called The Groovy Smoothie, where everyone hangs out all the time. You'd think it was the only restaurant in Seattle.

So iCarly is a pretty awesome show. Also it's interesting, because I'd swear iCarly was geared toward 13-17 year old girls, which is weird because usually shows on Nick and Disney and PBS Kids and Cartoon Network are made for a younger age group. But all this to say, it's an obsessive, loveable guilty pleasure.


Donna O said...

I am glad you enjoy Disney as much as you do! My guilty pleasure are Law and Order, and several reality shows! I am addicted to REALITY TV, even though I am sure it is all canned :0). Disney gives me a headache and is only allowed to be viewed on the second TV out of my hearing :0).

Katie said...

Why DOES Spencer know his dress size anyway? Questions, questions.