Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guilty Pleasure Series Part 4: Smallville

I watch Smallville... and love it! I have lowish expectations, so I'm never disappointed. Also I can stoutly ignore all manner of plot holes or cheesy lines and it's all worth it, cause Oliver is gorgeous and Lois/Clark bantering never gets old. Oh, and also because Mercy has one of the best wardrobes ever. I suppose it is a bit of a guilty pleasure, because it's not that good, and also because people always find it amusing that I watch it, but whatever. You know why? (shallow teenager alert.) Pretty.

Oliver is prettty. There is no denying that. Also, he is blond and brown eyed and has a cleft in his chin and therefore would fit into my family perfectly.

The clothes is preettty. Every character has their own color schemes and styles; the fashion is so meticulous on Smallville!

Lois' hair is pretty. I'm not sure if I can add anything to that.

My favorite ship is prrreeetttyyy. Tess and Oliver are like the coolest, the only problem is they're not really cannon, she's evil, he's insane and guilt-ridden, they have a dysfunctional relationship, and they're never going to get it together. But I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

The superhero costumes are pretty. The colors on this show never fail to amaze me. But most of the shows I watch are depressing sci-fi dramas filled with dark alleyways and boring fashion.

Lois and Clark are incredibly pretttyy. They are a good height difference.

Chloe and Jimmy are preetty. Even when they're beat up and stuff.

The whole CAST is pretty.

I do believe that this is enough reason to watch. My sister fails to understand the power of pretty, but hopefully you will.

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