Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Potter Day

The 6th movie comes out today people! But my family are all losers, and we're not going to see it till Saturday. Ewww. Anyway, to commemorate the day, here is some rockin' Harry Potter fanart!

Yup. I'm a Harry Ginny shipper and I don't even care. (ReallyCorking)

Lupin and Tonks were so awesome while they lasted, but the angst got the better of them. (HillaryCW)

I always liked Fleur. I know I probably the only one, but whatever. She and Bill are pretty. (HillaryCW)

Post-war happiness! (NinnyTreetops)

Oh yes. Epic. (Lburghol)

Bridesmaid Ginny at Bill's wedding. (?)

Ah, Lucius and Narcissa. Possibly the most epic couple in Harry Potter, or the one that had to put up with the most. (Makani)

All the gurlz in Harry Potter world. (ImageC0rrupt3d)

ANVIL. (ReallyCorking)

Poor Snape. I actually don't really like him, but I still feel bad for him. (?)

Luna and Ginny and Neville are just so much crazier then the original trio. JK need to write about their adventures during Deathly Hallows. (Marydeams)

Anyway, I should go have breakfast. And maybe get dressed.

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Anonymous said...

I can wait till you see it so we can discus ( and boy do i have a lot to say)!