Saturday, July 25, 2009

Guilty Pleasure Series Part 3: Pop Music

Although I pride myself in having exemplary taste in music, sometimes there's nothing like a little pop music to motivate and invigorate. Here is a random selection of some of my favorite pop songs to listen to when I'm grumpy.

Starstruck by Lady Gaga. This song is infectious, you just can't be melancholy listening to it! I tried hard to hate Lady Gaga, but it didn't work.

SOS by Rihanna. SOS was my first Rihanna experience, it has such a catchy and manic beat!

Beautiful Liar by Beyonce and Shakira. This song is scary, and the best pop songs are always the scary pop songs.

I Don't Wanna Be in Love by Good Charlotte. Ah, memories! This was one of the big hits summer 2007, when I started listening to the radio.

Sexyback by Justin Timberlake. I don't think this song needs an introduction.

Boom Boom Pow by The Black Eyed Peas. Like with SOS and Beautiful Liar, this song is scary. And slightly manic. But also terribly catchy.

Yeah, that's right. I listen to the radio... and enjoy it. Hopefully this does not make me a bad person.

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Donna O said...

OK, I think it's kinda funny and weird that there are several artists on here I really enjoy. Lady Gaga---well, she has a few songs that are ok, and my cell phone plays "just Dance" :0), but her "disco Stick" and "Poker Face"--no likey!
REALLY like Beyonce. LOVE Rhiana's "Disturbia". Never heard of Godd Charlotte, Justin is funny as well as talented and The Black Eyed Peas---WHO could not love BOOM BOOM POW! Very comic bookish :0)!