Friday, October 29, 2010

What Life Looks Like

These last few weeks.

Balancing chemical equations is really messy.

Except maybe my mind doesn't WANT TO BE INSPIRED.

Our living room right now. Watching tv is kinda difficult.

For all my Halloween needs I just go to one of Plenilune's dozens of livejournals and blogs and tumblrs and fanfic sites.

German translations and copywork...

I've got these AMAZING Gilligan and O'Malley slippers.

At least the trees are pretty!

My library holds right now... That book on top? I've been waiting for it since May.

I hope this ugly (yet informative) post was informative. I'm really sorry for being AWOL on and off. But tomorrow I'll post my monthly book post and you'll get to see which lucky book was 120!!


Brittany Ann said...

Why do you only have Hunger Games and Mockingjay? Not Catching Fire?

Sabe said...

Oh i screwed up... i thought Catching Fire was the second book. Okay, must add Mockingjay then.