Thursday, October 14, 2010

Favorite Book Stores

Living in New York is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because there are wonderful places to spend money. It is a curse because a lot of money usually gets spent.

Atlantic Book Shop. 179 Atlantic Avenue.
This is the best book store in the world. The prices range from about $15 to a buck or two. Some of the books are used, some new. They have everything you could want. I've never left empty handed.

Union Square Barnes and Nobles. 33 East 17th Street.
The best Barnes and Nobles. A million levels, a great movies and music selection, a massive amount of graphic novels and a Starbucks that seats about seven billion people.

Book Court. 163 Court St.
So it is a tad overpriced, but it's an independent new books seller, so I like supporting them. Their children section is AMAZING. And they have a skylight.

Park Slope Community Book Store. 143 7th Ave.
The name doesn't lie. This is a community book store. They have a dog and a cat and everyone knows each other- they even remember me. The selection is great too. Lots of fiction. Reasonable prices.

Books of Wonder. 18 West 18th St.
A book store dedicated to kids books with a cupcake shop adjoined to it? Perfect. They have an amazing selection of books ranging from picture books to teenage fiction. Also the staff there literally knows every book they sell. It's a great place to hang. The cupcakes are good too.

The Corner Bookstore. 1313 Madison Ave.
I have never bought anything here, they are a tad overpriced being the Upper East Side and everything. BUT. It's just such a wonderful place to be in. It's mostly children's books, which I adore.

PS Book Shop. 76 Front Street.
I haven't been here since they opened at the new location, but it was pretty cool before, and I've heard from my sister it's even better now. They have pretty affordable prices and a nice selection. And it's in DUMBO duh, who wouldn't wanna be there??

Columbus Circle Borders. 10 Columbus Circle.
I love Borders Books so much and this is the coolest location. They have an amazing selection of everything. Movies, cds, television boxed sets, fiction, poetry... and they always have these awesome sales. Plus a Dean and Deluca. So go there and buy stuff,

On Tuesday I installed a new bookshelf. Our situation is dire.
Doctor Who Pronouncement: Shipping Amy with Eleven is like... like.. like shipping an eight year old with their grandfather. IT DOES NOT WORK.

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ST3PH said...

I love to go to bookstores and smell the books. The smell is just AMAZING!! And there is no other smell like it. Whenever I go into a book store I have to be there for at LEAST an hour at minimum because I have to read the abstract of every book that looks interesting to me.