Friday, October 15, 2010

My day... in lame pictures

I am a brain-dead zombie. I can't seem to focus. So I'll document my day via images.

I had oatmeal for breakfast, which is pretty cool because I never have oatmeal because my own oatmeal tastes awful and I need my mom to make it for me.

So I got to the half-way point in my composition-notebook-diary. Keeping a diary is cool and keeping them in composition notebooks keeps them consistent.

I translated the lyrics of a Deutsch song which was pretty cool.

Smallville's 200th episode is tonight, which is pretty cool. Actually I think more along the lines of awesome.

I had a pumpkin latte at Dunkin' Donuts. The first of the season, which is pretty cool. Although now I have a stomach ache.

I'm reading this book which is pretty cool. It's a collection of Jane Austen litcrit essays. My copy has a prettier cover.

I worried about Fringe. I asked it very nicely not to cross this one line... and then it went and did it. And now we're literally sleeping with the enemy. Not cool.

And that was my riveting day minus about five hours of school and some dish washing and laundry folding. WOOT.

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