Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Once a Star Wars fan...

I still have this embarrassingly huge love for Star Wars. My mom is a pretty big Star Wars crazy and she just passed it down to me, genetically like. Here are five ways that Star Wars prepared me at a young and impressionable age for a long life of fandom crazy.

Han and Leia. They paved the way for my shipping habits in the future. Obsessive shipping for one and the belief that I can always win a shipping war. I fell in love with Sawyer and Kate because they were LOST's Han and Leia. And my current favorites (like these wonderful couples) all have constant bickering in common with Han and Leia. To me, true love is lots of arguing.

Fan Junk. I have a large plastic storage box filled with my figurines and merch. Yeah. And of course, I have a light saber and my first fandom teeshirt ever had Yoda on it. Star Wars threw me full force into crazy-fan-land and I've never recovered.

The Hero Story. Obviously Star Wars was one of my first experiences with The Hero Story. You know, dead parents, raised-by-another, side-kicks, white haired mentor, prophecy, cunning villain, sacrifice, power-of-love, and so on! I just really like The Hero Story.

Space Ships. The Falcon prepped me for love affairs I would have with other ships later on in my life. Serenity and Moya obviously. (Side note: I'd love to have cats named after my favorite space ship, how cute would that be!?)

Soundtracks. Star Wars definitely was my first soundtrack experience. Movie soundtracks since then have been one of my favorite genres of music. They're great studying music too. I even listen to soundtrack to movies I've never seen like Amelie and The Brothers Bloom.

Today was just lots of school and tea. But HEY HEY AGE OF ADZ IS STREAMING ON NPR! So at least my music was awesome.


Brittany Ann said...

Oh Han/Leia = love. Han was my first movie crush at age 5, and I watched Star Wars in total innocence--with no idea that they were popular.

You should watch Brothers Bloom. It has excellent bromance and is tragic, but in a satisfying way.

Sabe said...

Oooh, same. Han was my first love, and he will forever have a place in my heart.