Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Foods

Something about 50 degree weather and bright red trees makes me think about food.... more than usual.

Pecan pie. I've never made a good pecan pie. Actually, I haven't really made many pecan pies. But I do enjoy eating them. They make your teeth hurt.

Twinings tea. After a summer of light teas like Yogi and Stash it's time to get back to the serious teas. And Twinings is serious. Their Afternoon Tea brewed loose is perfection.

Strip steak. It's just good man.

Baked macaroni and cheese. I believe I have expressed my love for mac'n'cheese before, but something about it screams OCTOBER.

Werthers caramels. So I was sitting at my desk today, listening to Sufjan and reading
All Quiet on the Western Front and I swear, all I could think about were these stupid caramels.

White chocolate. I find white chocolate very autumnal. (Dark is winter and milk is spring and summer is void of chocolate.)

Broiled potatoes. My mom has started making these again, all covered in olive oil and spices...

Graham crackers. There is a simple beauty in a graham cracker. It's been way too long since I've had one.

(Also last night I watched Bella Martha, a German movie about two chefs which meant LOTS OF FOOD. You should watch it, it's awesome! God made subtitles for a reason you know.)

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