Monday, October 4, 2010

Happiest Place

Guess what? The Diehl family is going to DISNEY WORLD in 92 days! We booked a few weeks ago but I was waiting for it to sink in before I posted a "DISNEY!" post. This post will be dedicated to the nooks and crannies I miss most. Not everything obviously- just the little, really odd things.

The gift shop at Old Port Royale. This was my first taste of Disney World. Caribbean Beach Resort is so homey.

Innovations, under the Epcot golf ball. Mainly because you can hear THIS there. And the fountain that dances to music.

That WEIRD little Norwegian museum in Norway in Epcot. It's like five square feet or something and filled with dark wax figures of Vikings.

The transition from Tomorrow Land to Fantasy land. Between Cosmic Rays and Alice's Tea Cup ride. It's very flat and lovely and bizarre.

The Sons of Liberty tree. In twilight, when it lights up and you can see the castle behind it... it's one of the most subtly magical places in the park. You know me and my love for Americana...

The Backlot in MGM cause it's all old looking and cute.

So today my boss was listening to Mumford and Sons. He is just this deep well of mystery.

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