Monday, October 11, 2010

Really Epic Songs

Some songs are sagas or stories- massive sensationalist, sometimes spiritual, experiences.

This Is The End (If You Want It) by Relient K. Six minutes. It feels much longer emotionally.
I met the devil and I stared her in the eyes/Her hair had scales like silver serpents, I a statue stood there mesmerized/I took the fire escape and made it out alive/Yeah, I still burn from time to time but I've a healing hand against my side.

Hey Jude by The Beatles. Seven minutes. Lots of repetition but it's awesome.
Hey Jude, don't make it bad/Take a sad song and make it better/Remember to let her under your skin/Then you'll begin to make it better, better, better, better, better, better.

Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie. Eight minutes. Full of beautiful instrumentation.
The rhythm of my footsteps crossing Flatlands to your door/Have been silenced forevermore/The distance is quite simply much too far for me to row/It seems farther than ever before/Oh, no/I need you so much closer/I need you so much closer.

You'd Rather Run by Jaymay. Ten minutes. A definite story being told here.
Maybe we're the same, unabashed and unashamed/Then again, I dunno where you came from/You keep carvin' out names/First Jamie then James/And I can't keep up to restrain you.

Deathbed by Relient K. Eleven minutes. Now here lies an epic song.
I can smell the death on the sheets/Covering me/I can't believe this is the end/I can hear those sad memories/Still haunting me/So many things I'd do again/But this is my deathbed/I lie here alone/If I close my eyes tonight/I know I'll be home.

The Lightning Strike by Snow Patrol. Sixteen minutes. Broken into three parts.
Now it's found us/Like I have found you/I don't want to run/Just overwhelm me/What if this storm ends/And leaves us nothing/Except a memory/A distant echo?

Djohariah by Sufjan Stevens. Seventeen minutes. A guitar jam for single mothers.
There is a time when the lights will arise/For the mother is, the mother is the glorious victorious/The mother of the heart of the world/Go on! Little sister! Go on!/For your world is yours/All the wilderness of world is yours to enjoy.

Impossible Soul by Sufjan Stevens. Twenty-four minutes. Broken into five parts.
Boy, we can do much more together/Gotta get a life, get a life, get a life/Boy, we can do much more together/Gotta get it right, get it right, get it right/It's not so impossible.

After such an awesome weekend today was obviously kinda blah.

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