Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Youtube is a redic place

It is full of such lovely things and strange and fascinating music.

Viva La Pop. The billboard mashup of 2008, by far the best yet.

Brodyquest. Ngl, I listen to this song like it was Lady Gaga or Bjork. I just chill and listen to it and laugh till I want to cry because it is beautiful.

The Alice Song. Oh, this is good. Like hypnotically good.

Bounce. If you do not even crack a smile at this then you do not deserve The Internet.

T. Listen to me carefully. If you are not already listening to iamamiwhoami then you will start right now.

Charlie Bit Me, Autotuned. My sister is so obsessed with this.

Lion King in Danish. I don't know why I find this so funny...

Doggett and Reyes, stop
seducing me with your cuteness, making me forget how much I miss Mulder. I love that Scully took his fish to live with her. That is just too endearing to me.

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