Saturday, August 28, 2010

In which I remember other television exists.

So I am mourning the recent passing of The X-Files. We still have I Want to Believe, but we're saving it... for tomorrow. ANYWAY. This post is dedicated to the two shows returning this fall, the one show I am almost done with and the two shows I want to watch.

Show Returning in the Fall #1. Fringe. I have high hopes for this show as it enters its third season. All I can do is hope that it lives its life on-air well. It has a definite story and I just hope it gets to tell that story.

Show Returning in the Fall #2. Smallville. I've been watching it on and off since season 4, and regularly since season 6. And now that it's entering its last season I'm beginning to realize how much I'll miss Lois' shenanigans and Clark's man tears and Chloe's unrealistic hacking skills.

Show I am Almost Done With #1. Farscape. Watching Farscape and The X-Files has made me completely rearrange my priorities for good television and good television romances. This show is not for everyone but it's practically perfect for me.

Show I Want to Watch #1. My So-Called Life. Can I say 90's? I've seen a few clips on Youtube and it looks like the cutest show ever made. I have a not-so-secret obsession with 90's grunge and stuff, so this is like the jackpot.

Show I Want to Watch #2. Twin Peaks. If The X-Files is sometimes called the mother of Fringe then Twin Peaks is the mother of The X-Files. (Wild, Wild West is obviously the mother of all three, but that is off topic.) Keep the trend going, no? Government agencies and weird stuff.

(If and when I get pregnant my husband will just have to put up with me yelling "something's
wrong with the baby!" all the time. Et tu, Aeyrn Sun?)


Brittany Ann said...

My So-Called Life is one of the best TV shows ever. It's painfully realistic and believable...people aren't totally good or bad, and the characters are flawed but you love them anyway because they're sympathetic in a lot of ways. There is one cheesy episode about angels, I think, but other than that, it's brilliant. Also Claire Danes used to be pretty in an interesting way as opposed to the boring way she's got going now. And guhh 90s grunge = love.

Pixie Vixen said...