Thursday, August 26, 2010

Be my teenage dream tonight.

I love Katy Perry with a massive and unashamed love.

Katy Perry vs Zooey Deschanel. There are two types of girls in the 21st century. Katy girls and Zooey girls. I am a Katy girl forever and always.

Thinking of You. Although I'm not a fan of her ballads this song is lyrically adorable.

California Gurls is one of the better summer songs this year. The Snoop Dog part makes me so happy.

Hot n Cold. This song needs to be made into a Sesame Street segment about opposites. Make it happen Katy.

Teenage Dream makes me feel all young and flirty which, me being who I am, is a pretty epic achievement.

A side note. I am in lesbians with Monica Reyes.
Another side note. I had a waffle cone today.

1 comment:

guitargirl said...

Ew gross Katy Perry. That is all.

No wait.

I lied.

The Sesame Street thing seriously made me laugh. I would especially like to hear the "You pms like a..." line sung by elmo.