Friday, August 27, 2010

Soup and sandwiches and sexy coffee

Are you hungry in Manhattan? Do you want to be reasonable but you can't stomach fast food? Are you tired of Starbuck's limited selection? Are you dubious of just walking into restaurants? Then you need to try some of Manhattan's popular upper-scale fast food chains.

Dean and Deluca. It's one of the nicer (and therefore more expensive) of the bunch. They have great quiche, scones and baked goods. Their sandwiches are pre-made and run about $9 but they are amazing. There are some vegetarian options. Their tea selection is stellar.

Pret a Manger. They have great sized salads, amazing soup, pre-made sandwiches and yogurt and stuff. Best part? The soup is only $3! They also have sushi and a really nice dessert collection.

Au Bon Pain. Sadly there are only a few in the city but Au Bon Pain is one of my favorite places to eat. They have fresh sandwiches and salads put together on the spot, good coffee selections, soup and crusty bread. But of course what they are famous for it their massive selection of baked goods and pastries!

Cucina and Co. Going to Herald Square? Then go the Cucina and Co. They have amazing hot food for affordable prices, pre-made sandwiches, a salad bar, sushi and dessert.

Europa Cafe. $6.25 for a massive wrap and I'm a happy camper. They have a huge selection of sandwiches and wraps on all sorts of bread. They have pre-made salads and a salad bar, little pizzas and quiches, the whole nine yards. The coffee is good too.

Hale and Hearty. Soups and bakes goods and sandwiches on godlike bread, also salads if you're not so much of a bread person. The soup is really reasonable, the sandwiches are a tad over-priced.

Pax Wholesome Foods. Pizzas and sandwiches and wraps and all that good crapolla. It's great for kids too, they have some more "normal" options. Plus with $6.75 soup-and-half-sandwich deals you really can't go wrong! Also offers all those specialty coffees we love so much.

ASDFGHJKL; Another Sufjan album set for October, this is maddnesss! I finally got to listen to Avalanche this summer. And then he goes and releases All Delighted People, almost giving me a heart-attack and now he goes and springs this upon us? Sufjan you are a god, I swear.

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