Sunday, August 22, 2010

Seven Favorite Sufjan Songs

Seven is my favorite number for lists. Five is limiting and ten is just extravagant.
What if I said that Sufjan Stevens is slowly becoming my favorite artist? His music has that thing that the X-Files and Life have, that thing that makes them my favorite. It has that thing that The Deathly Hallows and Brideshead Revisited have that make them my favorite.

The Owl and the Tanager from All Delighted People.
Counting alluvial plains/The breathing inside of the range/You touched me inside of my cage Beneath my shirt your hands embraced me/Come to me feathered and frayed/For I am the ugliest prey/For I am the ugliest prey/The owl, the reckless reckless praise.

The Predatory Wasp from Illinoise.
I can tell you, the telling gets old/Terrible sting and terrible storm/I can tell you the day we were born/My friend is gone, he ran away/I can tell you, I love him each day/Though we have sparred, wrestled and raged/I can tell you, I love him each day/Terrible sting and terrible storm/I can tell you.

Casimir Pulaski Day from Illinoise.
All the glory that the Lord has made/And the complications you could do without/When I kissed you on the mouth/Tuesday night at the Bible study/We lift our hands and pray over your body but nothing ever happens/I remember at Michael's house/In the living room when you kissed my neck/And I almost touched your blouse.

Romulus from Greetings from Michigan.
When she had her last child, Once when she had some boyfriends, some wild/She moved away quite far/Our grandpa bought us a new VCR/We watched it all night, but grew up in spite of it/ We watched it all night, but grew up in spite of it/We saw her once last fall/Our grandpa died in a hospital gown/She didn't seem to care/She smoked in her room and colored her hair.

A Good Man is Hard to Find from Seven Swans.
Hold to your gun, man/And put off all your peace/Put off all the beast/Paid a full of these, I wait for it/But someone's once like me/She was once like me.

That Was the Worst Christmas Ever! from Songs for Christmas.
Our father yells/Throwing gifts in the wood stove, wood stove/My sister runs away/Taking her books to the schoolyard, schoolyard/In time the snow will rise/In time the Lord will rise/Silent night/Holy night/Silent night/Nothing feels right.
(Related comment: This is the MULDER song to me.)

Djohariah from All Delighted People.
And the man who left you for dead/He’s the heart grabber back stabber double cheater wife beater/You don’t need that man in your life/And you worked yourself to the bone/While the people say what they say/It’s the neighbors anyway/They don’t know what’s good for your life/Don’t be ashamed- don’t hide in your room/For the woman is, woman is the glorious victorious/The mother of the heart of the world.

It's been a beautiful day for no apparent reason. I cleaned up dinner... I watched X-Files... I had a Little Debbie snack cake...

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Shannon said...

I loved this post!!! That one of the sea by Ives, do you think that is Charles Ives the composer? If Schoenberg painted the red stare, and why can't Ives be a painter as well? If not, too bad. If so, that's pretty cool. I miss you girl. ~SjM