Monday, August 16, 2010

A day in my life

Ah. Home from work. What a nice feeling. Here is what I have planned for the afternoon.

Candlelight Yoga. I get so cramped up from standing all day at work, I need this simple routine to get myself moving again.

Coffeeee. Because I need it.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson. This book is so magical and FREAKY so far in such a delicious way. Hopefully I can finish it this afternoon.

German review. I haven't started German 3 yet and I don't want to forget everything, so I'll turn on German music and review my conversational tense and my dative adjective endings. And I'll read the German news.

Do dinner related things.

Write my stupid story. My sister and I promised each other we'd get through first drafts so... onward. And of course, this image is hilariously inaccurate. I type my stories, all stretched out in front of my computer.

Watch X-Files and get all sentimental about how cute William is and how happy Reyes and Doggett are and the fact that after tonight we'll only have... 8 hours worth left...

GO TO SLEEP. I never quite woke up this morning.

Peace out. Busy week ahead of me. Brighton Beach, Wall Street and the ferry with Amanda, a sleepover, work two more days, Maureen's 21st birthday on Friday, white water river rafting in Delaware on Saturday.... I am tired just thinking about it.

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