Monday, December 6, 2010

Why I really can not go away to college

Because I'm a baby. A big spoiled baby.

I wouldn't have over ten types of tea to chose from. I couldn't afford loads of Yogi and Twinings and I don't know if I could handle that.

I would have to share my room with a stranger. IDK ABOUT THAT.

I couldn't possibly bring my 300-something books with me. And that would kill me. How can I survive college without Anastasia Krupnik, illustrated Tangled story books and half a dozen Edith Wharton books?

I wouldn't be able to watch tv with my mom and sister.

I wouldn't be able to make my own fried eggs or my chicken-something. I'd be lucky to have a microwave. I believe in two hot, homemade meals a day.

I would have to do school on a laptop. And I hate laptops.

I'd miss Manhattan, the 5 train, the B103... It would be weird being stuck on campus for months on end.


I would have to keep myself accountable, I wouldn't have a mom and a dad and a sister to pester me. Of course, I'd be less pestered, but I probably wouldn't get anything done.

Right now I'm jamming to the Tangled soundtrack. Again. "Bring back what once was MINNNE!" My dad and sister are at some college dinner so basically I rule the house tonight.

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