Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Disney free-for-all

Because we're going to DISNEY WORLD in 35 days and because Tangled made me cry and because I didn't just sell my soul to them, I also seem to have sold them my my higher brain functions as well.

1. Favorite animator? GLEN KEANE. That man is like, the god of Disney animation. He did Penny, Eilonwy, Ariel, The Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Tarzan and was the Executive Producer and Animation Director for Tangled. He has such an incredible talent for eyes. I could write many pages declaring my love for him.

2. Favorite era? I'm a huge fan of Disney's Dark Age. I love 101 Dalmatians, Robin Hood, Winnie the Pooh, Sword in the Stone. All these movies have a very dark, sketchy style. They're gorgeous.

3. Favorite princess movie? Beauty and the Beast. Because it's like a Broadway show. It's epic and colorful and perfect from start to finish.

4. Favorite animal movie? Lady and the Tramp!! The art direction is lovely, I love the characters. It's just special for me.

5. Favorite female characters? Tiana, because she is a fully functioning adult- that's not something we see often. Wendy, because she's charming as anything and I've always had a soft spot for her. Rapunzel, because she's young but she is also capable of making mature decisions and takes responsibility for herself. Lilo, because she is one of the most realistic and brilliantly written characters Disney has ever done. Belle, because she's my spirit animal or whatever. Alice because she's one of the more subtle Disney girls.

6. Favorite male characters? Let's just be shallow here for a moment, kay? NAVEEN, EUGENE, PHEOBUS, AND SHANG. Because of the sexy man shoulders and all that stuff. Male characters don't need character development. All they need is sexy man shoulders. OKAY?

7. Favorite animal characters? Does Stitch count? Definitely him. Also Bianca, Tramp, Robin, and Tiger.

8. Favorite songs? Oh, this is hard. Cruella de Vil, I Won't Say, You Can Fly, I'll Make a Man out of You, Once Upon a Dream, I See the Light, When You Wish Upon a Star... Is this just animated films? Cause if not then also On the Front Porch and Feed the Birds. Are we also talking scores? Because Kingdom Dances and Transformation are perfect on every level. Does Pixar count? Define Dancing and Friend in Me are timeless, right? Should I stop now? Probably.

9. Most magical moment? I Can Fly from Peter Pan, I Can Show You the World from Aladdin and I See the Light from Tangled has somehow made it's way onto this list. (As you can see from the titles these are all songs of self-discovery, which is probably what makes them so awesome.)

10. Favorite live action film? Summer Magic!! Most underrated Disney film ever, or something like that.

11. Favorite couples? Obviously Disney is getting more romantic with each film. Let's be honest here. Naveen/Tiana and Eugene/Rapunzel had the most screen-time and character development and the best chemistry. To be fair, so do Shang and Mulan, who come in third place. They also have chemistry and all that, but 100% fewer kisses, due to the restrictive ancient culture they live in.

12. Favorite crack ship? I'll say Peter Pan and Wendy, because it's not canon, it really should never be canon, and if you look at the book for reference it's downright oedipus-ish. WHATEVER. Haters be hatin.

13. Most beautiful character design? Pocahontas and John Smith. Pity I didn't really like the movie, because WOAH they are so beautiful it hurts.

14. Favorite solo? I adore A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.

15. Favorite childhood Disney film? Robin Hood. We watched that thing sooo many times when I was little. (Also during that brief period in my life when I had a crippling fear of fire and I had to leave the room when the castle burns down.)

16. Film you appropriate more now that you're older? Oh, this is hard. Hunchback of Notre Dame? I actually didn't see it till I was a teenager, but it doesn't seem like a film a kid would really care for, plus I like it more now then I did when I first saw it.

17. Least favorite Disney film? Dumbo, Pinocchio... They scared me when I was little.

18. What project are you most looking forward too? I waited more than five years for Tangled. (I'm 17, so that's over a quarter of my life!!) I remember when THIS image came out in early 2005, I remember the announcement that it would be a new sort of CGI, that it would have a Rococo style, I remember Bear Flynn, I remember way back when Kristin Chenoweth was going to voice Rapunzel, and I remember when this image with the canon Eugene and Rapunzel was released over a year ago. Basically I was the Untitled Rapunzel Project Groupie. Now that I've seen it and it ~WAS PERFECT~ I feel like my life is fulfilled. But I guess I'm looking forward to Brave... although I know so little about it I can't say for sure.

Basically. So. Happy December and stuff! Christmas is right around the bend! I'm finally not
(too) sick anymore! I went to work this morning for the first time in five days and I missed it! Is it weird to miss working??


guitargirl said...

I was obsessed with Esmerelda when I was younger. Then Mulan came out and I was obsessed with her. Then I was obsessed with Meg. Disney movies used to rock.

Sadie said...

Go see Tangled and that 'used to' will turn into 'still do'