Saturday, November 27, 2010

Disney Duets

Not all Disney movies have a duet between the leads. I wish they all did. They're usually the most magical part of the film.

Snow White and the Prince, Wishing/One Song.

Cinderella and Charming, So This is Love.

Aurora and Philip, Once Upon a Dream.

Jasmin and Aladdin, I Can Show you the World.

Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzrupert, I Can See the Light.

Go see Tangled. It was classic Disney in so many ways and the CGI was stunning. It reminded me of The Ordinary Princess and Book of a Thousand Days, two of my favorite books, as well as The Princess and the Pauper (that epic Barbie movie) Ever After. It was lovely.


ST3PH said...

I also love duets! I like Hakuna Matata on The lion king even though it is more of a triet!

I will be sure to see Tangled when I get the change.

Brittany Ann said...

....ughhh I wanna see Tangled again.

And Disney duets are the best.