Friday, November 5, 2010

The Bosses.

This post is dedicated to my sister, because she has a thing for middle-aged, balding bosses. Assistant Director Walter Skinner, Captain Kevin Tidwell and Colonel Phillip Broyles.

So, Assistant Director Walter Skinner is the true hero of The X-Files. Running the fine line between between belief and skepticism, his integrity and ability to make good decisions under stress make him one in a million. He protects and cares for Scully and Mulder (and William) like he's their father, not just their boss.

And then there is Captain Kevin Tidwell. While all other girls were looking at Charlie Crew, my sister was crushing on him. He's funny and smart and plays off everyone very well. Everyone kinda likes him. And of course, he's very protective of Crews and Reese, and very supportive.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Philip Broyles. Colonel in one world, Director in another. He's sexy, smart, suave... and doesn't do nearly enough. Yo Fringe! Pull an X-Files and give Broyles a plot line. He's way cooler then half the cast.

I hope you enjoyed this crash course in sexy bosses.


guitargirl said...

This post = WIN

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