Thursday, January 27, 2011

"E" is for Engagement Rings

I always wonder who picked out the jewelry/accessories that a character wears constantly and just how random the decision was. (eg: Amy's initial necklace and her headband, Scully's cross, Monica's silver ring and earring set, Dani's sunglasses.)
One particular accessory that I find myself wondering about are engagement rings and how much thought goes into picking one.

John and Aeryn, Farscape.

Rory and Amy, Doctor Who

Chuck and Sarah, Chuck

Lois and Clark, Smallville

Desmond and Penny, LOST

Obviously not enough thought was put into picking this monstrosity. Hahaha...


Brittany Ann said...

In the books, Bella's engagement ring was supposed to look like this: (which I think is prettier than the movie one, though technically either matches the description.) It's supposed to look like something from the late 19th century, which it definitely does either way.

And OH MAN I want Penny's engagement ring so badly.

Melissa said...

Yeah I'm pretty sure Stephenie Meyer put thought into that one...much 19th-century jewelry can be unbearably gaudy.