Friday, January 21, 2011

"C" is for Christian Websites

Some are amazing, some are cheesy, some overreact, some are just amusing. They all make me feel oddly connected to a kind of ridiculous internet underground thread of over-achieving religious teens.

Plugged In Online. Go for the lulz guys, just go for the lulz.

Boundless. When you're feeling lonely and virginal Boundless will make you REALLY GLAD to be single.

Patrol Mag. Hipsters who love Jesus OR the Christian Slate OR the clean-cut Gawker OR the chillax Plugged In OR the cult of Sufjan.

Relevant. I'd actually never heard of them till I read an interview they did with Zach Levi, who is one of the sexier and more articulate Hollywood Jesus Freaks. Sometimes I feel the need to raise my eyebrow suspiciously, but there are some interesting articles.

Susie Magazine. IT WILL NEVAH BE BRIO. *weeps silently*

Risen Magazine. Kinda like the co-ed Brio. Only no. Because nothing will every be as hilarious as Brio. *still weeping silently.*

I do take my religion incredibly seriously. Most of the time.


Elizabeth said...

BRIO. The advice column was the best. RIP.

Shannon said...
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